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We’re Driving Experiences in the Live Events Industry

XLIVE is at the center of the transformation of live events and entertainment.  Buckle up, get informed and be ready for what’s next.

Now, more than ever, events are driven by experiences that generate meaningful connections.  Those involved in creating, planning, producing, managing and marketing events have recently unmasked countless foundational changes that have shaken the ground they walk on.  Forced to deal with crises, rethink strategies, restructuring budgets and resources, surfacing audiences, sourcing partners, evaluating products, implementing live and hybrid technologies, finding innovative ways to engage fans – it’s been disruptive and distracting.

To help the events industry clear the way for success, XLIVE showcases the top experts and companies in B2B events and those developing fan experiences to generate deeper connections, exchanges and experiences that create lasting memories.

We believe that:

  • In-person events will need to invest in experiential technology and venues in order to stay relevant
  • Virtual and hybrid events are here to stay and will only improve
  • Planners will need to invest in community led strategies across events and digital content in order to survive, and thrive

Yes You!

XLIVE speaks to decision makers who are driving event experiences and the suppliers, services and solutions providers that support them. Learn from executives and peers on what's working, uncover pitfalls, meet the new heroes in new roles who are expanding the limits of physical events  and yes, we invite you to be part of this progessive community.

Our Team

Marian Sandberg
Market Leader
Victoria Copans
Kelly Turner
Director of Sales
Monica Grier
Senior Account Executive, Accounts A-E
Michael Doolittle
Senior Account Executive, Accounts F-P
Julie Sullivan
Senior Account Executive, Accounts Q-Z
Meredith Tichenor
Sales Associate
Sarah Joy Lagunzad
Senior Marketing Manager
Show Management
Jessi Cybulski
Show Director
Ellen Lampert-Greaux
Creative and Conference Director
Kathryn Holabird
Senior Operations Manager